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Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone Base - Suspension

Today the meaning that Testosterone is a king of steroids is true. But more spread is the opinion, that it is the safest steroid, with its correct applying you shouldn’t be worrying about its side effects, which in most cases are absent. Nowadays, Testosterone can be found in two forms: as a Suspension and in the Base form.

Suspension it’s a Testosterone form, where active ingredients comes to your body on the water base. You need to be careful and shake this testosterone every time before you make an injection because of its ability to settle its small particles. You can see them with just a naked eye.

So, when you make an injection, use 25 gauge needles which make your injection a little bit less painful and also these small particles doesn’t clog the needle. Testosterone Suspension is the most powerful form of testosterone because in 100 milligrams of suspension there is 100 milligrams of hormone.

For comparison, in 100 milligrams of Enanthate there is 72 milligrams of hormone. So, it’s one more reason to make your choice for suspension. But there is another side, you see, there is no ester in Suspension and because of that, you need to make injections several times a day which is quite painful.

Testosterone Base is just like a Suspension form, 100 percent of pure Testosterone. But the main difference between them is that Base is based on the oil which means that you couldn’t see its small particles and according to this, you can use simple small needle and you shouldn’t be worrying that you will clog it. Also, because of its oil base, Testosterone Base is the fastest steroid, what you are able to find today. It’s an ideal solution and fits to those ones, whose purpose includes immediately increasing their straight and the power of muscles.

So, if you are looking for the Testosterone Suspension or Base for sale, you better visit this website: Cycles, dosage, injections, reviews, side effects and much more is available for you there.

Order Testosterone Suspension or Base and you will see, how can your body look like with its help. Finally, you can buy Testosterone Suspension or Base online, which will save you time and also your money too. You can also use your credit card to pay for it, because now it’s the fastest way of payment and only after a while you will get your already paid order.

Testosterone Suspension: cycle

For beginners, optimal Testosterone Suspension dosage will be from 50 to 300 milligrams per one injection for every two or three days. It strictly depends on your body ability and will be different in each case. Here you can see sample 8 week’s cycle:

First day you should take 150 milligrams of Suspension and 20 milligrams of Nolvadex. Second day – 20 milligrams of Nolvadex. The third day – 150 milligrams of Suspension plus 20 milligrams of Nolvadex. On the fourth day you should take 20 milligrams of Nolvadex.

Your fifth applying should start with 150 milligrams of Suspension and 20 milligrams of Nolvadex and two next days’ take 20 milligrams of Nolvadex. Nolvadex is used for those ones who care about their health.It is applied to keep lipids positively influenced. Also you need to keep in your mind that if you want to save your body health you need to include Post Cycle Therapy after each cycle.

Testosterone Base: side effects

Despite that fact that Testosterone is the king among all steroids because of its safety, with wrong applying or bigger dosage you are able to get some of its unwanted effects. Testosterone Suspension negative effects are because of its aromatase effect. It can cause such diseases as: Gynecomastia, high blood pressure, water retention and cholesterol issues.

Also there could be testicular atrophy and testicle shrink in some unique cases. But with some help we can make a chance of its side effects happening lower if we will apply in addition to Testosterone some aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex or Letrozole. But if you will apply Testosterone with right dosage and correct duration of the cycle you will avoid these unwanted side effects.

Test Base: reviews

The most of those who have gone through the Testosterone Suspension cycle are satisfied with its effect and they recommend it to all body builders. But in general they say that this cycle will be more useful for the beginners and at the same time safer for the veterans because they are already known with this process and know how to avoid unwanted consequences.

But if you are a new guy in this you should better visit this website:  There you can find some useful tips from famous body builders for better use and smaller chance of side effect happening. Plus some simple advices from sportsmen who are veterans in this and who know how to increase straight and power muscle effects.

So, make a right choice and become stronger with our help.