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Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is a synthetic version of the testosterone, normally produced in the males’ body. It is usually used in the medicine to cure low testosterone in men in that case if body doesn’t produce it or produce it in small doses. It could be also used for some other sickness if your doctors will prescript it for you. Testosterone Cypionate is an androgenic steroid which means that it is perfect in use for those one, whose main purpose is to increase size and straight of muscle.

Cypionate is at the point of 100 in the rating of anabolic and androgenic activity and it makes testosterone “father” of all steroids nowadays. It can also start changing in the shape, appearance and size in your muscle so you need to be careful when you use it, especially if you are a new guy in this and it is the first your course. For the beginners we also recommend go through physical examination to be sure in your health level.

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Testosterone Cypionate price

When we speak about Testosterone Cypionate we should understand that it is one of the three most available anabolic steroids which you can find now. Two of them are Dianabol and Testosterone Enanthate. Price depends to the type and the firm of production and will be vary from 4 to 20 dollars per 1ml 200 mg/ml ampule. So you can see that it’s available to buy and use for everybody.

Testosterone Cypionate: cycle

Testosterone Cypionate cycle will perfectly suits to those one, whose main purpose is to keep their body healthy and increase straight or gain muscle or even fat burns. Usually it is used in the medical purpose but in our time it is widely spread among body builders because of its safety. Here you can see some simple cycle for bulking and cutting.

Cycle for bulking is for 12 weeks.

First week you should take 500 milligrams per week Testosterone Cypionate, 25 milligrams a day of dianabol and 0.5 milligrams every other day of Arimidex. This dosage will be the same till the 7 week. Than you should stop taking Dianabol and continue taking Testosterone Cypionate and Arimidex in the same dosage till the end of your cycle.

Cycle for cutting

First week you should take 400 milligrams per week Testosterone Cypionate and 0.5 milligrams of Arimidex every other day and keep this dosage for 4 weeks. On the fifth week you should add 50 milligrams per day of Anavar and other dosage will be the same. This dosage you should take till the end of your cycle which will be for the 12 weeks.

Testosterone Cypionate: side effects

Two of the most wildly spread side effects of steroids characterized Testosterone Cypionate too, are: aromatization and water retention. Aromatization is when male body gets female activity. It happens because of the testosterone applying, which can provide hormonal imbalance.

Other side effects of Cypionate are soreness, imbalance of electrolytes in the body, facial and body hair, acne and baldness. All this diseases are caused by the wrong dosage or incorrect duration of the cycle. Also they could be caused because of the unusual body activity in unique cases. You should keep in your mind that Post Cycle Therapy is mandatory for you if your health is important to you.

Testosterone Cypionate: reviews

If you are looking for the reviews, you should better go to this website: But you can also look for some articles about this steroid in such famous journals as Medicine and Science. They have made a research and found out that, firstly, Testosterone Cypionate is one of the safest steroids and secondary it is available to use for almost all sportsmen and body builders because of its price.  

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