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T3 - Cytomel

Cytomel - T3

Cytomel is one of the thyroid hormone drugs. All thyroid hormones are divided into two group: natural and synthetic. Another name of cytomel is liothyronine. It is produced  in human body in the thyroid gland. The human body naturally endogenously manufactures a T3 dosage of approximately 30mcg per day. It is created for burning subcutaneous fat(fat-loss drug). Some athletes apply this hormone in tablets to become fit in a short time. You can buy cytomel in tablets or powder or for in form of injections.

Cytomel tablets price is different but in average it coast 35$ per 30 tablet. You can find cytomel cheaper but it might not be a success. Remember that the price is in most cases equal to quality. Buying it think whether to buy cheap tablets and later pay back for it with your health, because this tablet can be produced in pharmaceutical underground shops.

Visit this website where you can buy cytomel online in USA and abroad. On this website you can find not only cytomel but also many more other steroids for sale and very helpful information about them and their application. Here you shouldn’t be worried about quality and origin of the tablets and you can buy it with confidence.

How should you take cytomel ?  Since liothyronine is a hormone that is necessary to strictly follow the rules of its application in order to avoid violation of the right of the thyroid gland. It is important to start slowly and gradually and stop the course of taking this drug aslo slowly. If you are new in professional sport, your dosage of cytomel should be not more than 25mkg per day.

You can gradually increase the dosage per 25mkg each 4 days and after course of it you would lose some weight. It’s also important to divide the dosage on three portions and take one in morning, one during the day and one in the evening. Women are more sensitive to the side effects, and it is not recommended to cross the border of  50mkg day.

The course of cytomel should not last more than 1.5 month because too long reception liothyronine can lead to hypothyroidism, it is also not  recommended to exceed the dosage of 100mkg. Generally, T3 is not the drug for newcomers in the sport. Second course of cytomel should start not earlier than 8weeks after the first one, so that the thyroid gland could recover and start its normal funktioning.

Cytomel: side effects

There is a big ranges of cytomel side effects such as: nausea, temporary hair loss, which may occur during the first few months of taking this medicine, diarrhea, weight loss, psychic disorders, heart palpitation, shortness of breath, increased bowel motility. Extremely high dosage can lead to: shock, hyperthyroidism, heart failure.  

This negative side effect appear in case of wron application of the the medicine. Those who use cytomel over several weeks will experience a decrease in muscle mass. In fact cytomel is a safe drug, but be careful with dosage and and you will not have to worry about the unpleasant side-effects.

ATTENTION!!! An athlete must not use the injectable version of the cytomel, since it is an excessively powerful version of the drug.

Cytomel results are faster absorption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body's cells.

Bodybuilders resort to this medicine when it is necessary to burn excess fat. Almost all athlets who used it are satisfied, after the first cycle of the application of the tablets they lost more weight than expected. In short time a course of cynomel can be more resultative, then any diet and physical exercise by itself.

Before starting to use this drug you should consult with your doctor and check your organism on hyperthyroidism. Because if you have hyperthyroidism then taking cytomel can cause real danger for your life.


So Cytomel is a powerful tool for drying bodybuilders, because its effect is due to a significant increase in the metabolic processes of the human body. With a professional approach, the risk of taking this hormone can be minimized, and the result will be seen already in the first weeks of its use.

For better result you can combine cytomel with clenbuterol. This combination is popular among non-professional athletes, since clenbuterol is vorbidden in professional sport and is considered as a doping.

Cytomel will help you to achieve your goals in sport. Don’t hesitate and order the medicines of the highest quality on our website.

Do sport with us and become better!!!