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Halotestin - Fluoxymesterone

Fluoxymesterone is an anabolic steroid which is sold under the brand name Halotestin. It is produced by the pharmaceutical firm Upjohn. According to its structure it is made from Testosterone. Main difference is that its androgenic effect is particularly pronounced.

Halotestin is wildly used among professional body-builders and athletes. Its main effect is not to gain muscle, but it makes your muscle hard and improves power rates. Also it will increase your straight and venous visibility. So it’s popular in such sports as: box, straggle and weightlifting. Also it is used by professional bodybuilders before their performance for better look. So, if it is your purpose and you are going to buy Halotestin than you should know about this website:

There you can find Halotestin for sale and much more. Its dosage, cycle, Post Cycle Therapy, reviews and what is more important, some tips for better use to get bigger results with little chance of side effects. Also this website can offer you to buy Halotestin online with your credit card or you can order Halotestin with the shipping right to your door too. Use your credit card and it will save your time and your money, also it’s comfortable not to go anywhere.

Also, using your credit card will give you a chance to take correct choice now and not to postpone it for uncertain time. This time is now, and you will not find something better later, so make your choice now. Halotestin price varies from 70 to 90 $ for 30 tablets 5 milligrams each, so it is not very cheap but it will give you great results.

Halotestin: side effects

Estrogen production becomes impossible because it slows the aromatization process. It means you should not be worried about: fluid retention, gynecomastia and fat accumulation. But you will probably get some problems with oily skin and acne. Also you can become more aggressive, but most among sportsmen said that it isn’t a problem; it helps them to work with big weights and nothing can distract them from their trainings.

Halotestin is very toxic to your liver, so we recommend you take it for not a long time and PCT is absolutely mandatory. Also we don’t recommend it to women, it will in each case cause masculinization, which will manifest already after its first applying.

Halotestin: cycle

Normal and safe Halotestin dosage will be not more then 20-40 milligrams per day, no longer than 8 weeks. After that you should keep in mind about Post Cycle Therapy and don’t use any anabolic steroids after Halotestin cycle for 8 weeks. Also you should not combine it with other drugs which have the same group 17-alpha methyl. In the time of drying muscle, for better effect, take Halotestin together with such soft anabolic steroids as: Deca-Duranabol or Equipoise.

In such compound Halotestin will make your muscle harder and be more distinct. Or you can use Primobolan Depot in combination with Halotestine and this will free you from fluid retention and fat accumulation in your body. But if your purpose is to gain muscle, then you should apply 400-800 milligrams of testosterone and 20-30 milligrams of Halotestin. It will give you serious muscle growth and increase your straight.

Halotestine: review

Halotestin is well known all around the world. So you can even find some articles about it in such famous journals as: Science and Medicine. They have made a lot of researches and found out that with correct dosage and right applying of Halotestin is safe to your health. But of course with wrong applying it can cause a lot of diseases. Also they have found out that Halotestin can give you bigger effect in couple with other drugs, but not with all.

You can use it together with Testosteron, Primobolan or Deca – Duranabol. Also if you are looking for some reviews, you’ll find them on our website: Many professional body-builders and simple users, which have already made Halotestin course, can tell you many important things and even some tips for better use.

However, everything is in your hands. Take correct decision and be stronger with our help. Don’t be lazy and you will see what results you can get. You will be amazed about how your body can look like.