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Oxymetholone - Anadrol

Oxymethelone, also well known as Anadrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid. It was invented in 1960 by a huge company called Syntex Pharmaceuticals. Firstly Anadrol was made to cure such diseases as Osteoporosis, Anemia and also to stimulate the gain of muscle in sick and bed eating people. After that when this company has stopped the producing of Steroids - the produce of Annadrol without them was not a good idea - its popularity quickly felt down.

And in 1993 Syntex has decided to stop Anadrol producing. But till present time, Anadrol is wildly used in medicine because it’s an effective drug to cure HIV infected people. Anadrol is sold in dosage of 50 milligrams per tablet and is the most powerful steroid of our time, so you should be careful when you use it because of its side effects.  

Anadrol: side effects

First of all you need to know that Anadrol is toxic to your liver in big dosage (more than 50 milligrams per day) but it’s similar to any other steroid. So with right dosage and good liver condition before the Anadrol course you should not be worried about this side effect. But Anadrol can also cause gynecomastia, can accumulate fluid in your body and can cause high pressure. In some special cases it can cause diarrhea, decreased appetite, nausea, so you should first consult your doctor and apply Anadrol strictly to the prescription. With correct dosage, good health and correct nutrition all will be OK.

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Anadrol: Cycle

You definitely need to know how to take Anadrol safely. You will have to ask your doctor, but general prescriptions are following: Course of Anapol suits people older than 21 years for intensive muscle growth. Maximal safe dosage is not more than 100 milligrams per day but if you are a new guy in this you should start from dosage of 50 milligrams per day for 4-6 weeks

Don’t do longer courses; firstly, most of all effect from Anadroll course you will get in first 3 weeks, and secondly, long course will be very toxic to your liver. After Anadrol course start your Post Cycle Therapy with testosterone for 3-4 weeks. To increase received Anadrol result you should take, in addition to it, special sport nutrition for muscle growth.

Combine courses. For bigger result in muscle growth you should take together with Anadrol some additional drugs, such as: Testosterone, Boldenone, Primobolane or Trenbolone. If your purpose is to increase your power performance, than you should take Anadrol with stanozol suspension.

Anadrol: reviews

According to well-known journals Science and Medicine, you should know that Anadrol with correct dosage and right applying is safe to your health. All athletes were satisfied with the results of Anadrol. It’s wildly used among professional athletes to gain muscle before their performance and is good in that way. It is also popular to take Anadrol for cycle which will give you better effect than single applying but is more harmfull to your health.

Also Androl isn’t used to bump muscle or for relief because of its ability to accumulate fluid in your body. Those one who took Anadrol in dosage of 50 milligrams per day gained 3,3 kilograms for 12 weeks without any sport exercises. And those who took 100 milligrams per day gained 4,2 kilograms. But not only weight was changed, body composition changed too. All subjects not only gained muscle but burned theirs fat which means that muscle growth more in weight.

So take your correct decision and be stronger with our help. Everything is in your hands and in your head so don’t be lazy and change yourself in better way.